Company Profile

SIDA was established in 1982 and currently it employs a workforce of 10 people.
The Company's activities are targeted to supply always greater quality products and to give to the customer a technical support in the definition and carry out of the depuration systems of waste water. Our choice is to be present in the market for medium-small, civil and industrial systems, above all.
Our more represented customers are: constructors of depuration systems, pool of management, municipality and companies with problems in waste water from industrial manufacturing.
Our products: tubes and discs microbubbles diffuser made by ceramic and elastomer, systems of extraction and introduction of tubular groups in full tank; distribution networks for tubulars and discs diffuser, secured to the floor; improving spares.

SIDA S.a.s. - Via delle Robinie - Loc. Fornace 27010 BORNASCO (PV)
Partita Iva IT01950530186
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