The tubulars are realized with high quality and maximum elasticity elastomer with the following standard dimensions:

69 x L 500 (n 7.340 microforature)
69 x L 750 (n 11.230 microforature)

Porosity: according to introduced air volume.

Design feed:

Nmc/h 8 m/diff. fine bubble
Nmc/h 10 m/diff. medium bubble
Nmc/h 12 m/diff. big bubble

Oxigen tranfer: the oxigen transfer, in percentage, increase according to air feed decreasing.

Groups with 1-2-3-4-5 places, 400 mm pitch, climb simple or double disposition installation. Upon request multiplace collectors and/or with different pitches.

Counterweight installed under the collectors in order to facilitate the pulling out and installation operations in full tank.

Stirrup bottom installation and possibility of regulation in level of groups.

Possibility of installation on rigid descent or on lifting arms which, in action, can to leads the group on a walkway positionned at man height .

Duty: continuos - intermittent.

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