AISI network

Polypropylene piping system

Air distribution systems are realized in polypropylene, for the resistance of 92%-95% can be reached and multifusion welding type can be realized and compared them with drawn tube.

The main pipes are designed in order to obtain an air speed value of 15 m/sec.

Flange PN 10 for connecting descent pipe supplied by Client.

From the main pipe a diffuser supporting pipes 90 are branching out and connected by means of stirrup to the floor.

The connection of diffusers supporting pipes are realized with quick coupling in PP, compensative of lengthwise dilatation.

The connection between the diffusers connecting pipe 32 are realized using PP quick coupling so as to make a ring for condensation harvesting; the discarge valve will be installed over the hydraulic head.

The distance between the diffusers and between the rows are designed in order to realize the optimization of oxigenation and mixing.

Upon request on realized air distribution system in AISI.

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